Fun post!

I’ve been lucky┬árecently with celebrities liking my tweets. I know that people can reply to celebrity tweets every day and never get a like.

So far, I believe Mark Hamill liked three of my tweets. Karl Urban has liked five. The lovely Juliet Landau also follows me. Cool, right?

So, I’m just curious to see how many others have had their tweets liked by celebrities. Tell me all about it!



I have to have a muse in order to write. For me, it’s impossible to write if I don’t have a muse.

My muses are always actors and actresses. When I’m writing a story, I always choose faces for my characters before I begin.

For my first book that will be published this year (hopefully in the next few months), my muses were Winona Ryder and Rooney Mara. My writing partner’s muse for this book was Karl Urban. It’s a pretty interesting cast of people, right?

I’m focusing on doing promos for this book first, since it’s likely to be published before my second project.

Stay tuned for more news of Wages of Sin: Bad Blood!