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Cade and Rowan met when they were young. Their families have feuded for years but that does not stop them from developing a friendship that leads to something more. When Rowan’s father learns that they are seeing one another, a fight breaks out between the two families. Cade’s family is forced to flee for their lives.

Twenty-five years later, Rowan and Cade meet again by chance. Their feelings for each other never really left, but Rowan is now a married woman with a daughter. They decide to rekindle their romance, even though they know that danger will follow them.



Eternal Press



Gwyn Farrow’s disturbing claims of an alien abduction made her parents commit her to a mental institution. When she was released, she knew that she could only rely on herself. But she doesn’t return to her normal life. She begins to spend time with a friendly alien named Kael, and although terrified of his species, she finds it in her heart to care for him.

When his world declares war on hers, she is torn between defending her planet and the alien she has come to love.




Casting Stones Cover

The act of revenge is short-lived. The feeling of regret lasts forever.

Avery Stone was a normal guy who never did anything important in his life. After a tragic childhood, he found a family ready and willing to take him in. Though he never really felt that he belonged there, he knew that it was better than being alone. When someone starts murdering random werewolf families Avery finds himself fighting to keep his loved ones safe.

Damnation Books




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