I’m back!

I hope. Well, my cat got sick again, she’s okay for now. I had a new book come out, so I’ll be posting the info for that soon. I also run two businesses with my mom, and I’m trying to work on three stories at the same time! Anyway, as you can see, I’ve been busy. I should be posting on here much more often though.

Alright, so while I’ve sent out hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of review requests for all three of my books, I thought about all the other writers who are just like me, who need reviews. I’ve sent out so many requests and only heard back from a handful. It’s disheartening, not to mention incredibly time-consuming.

So now, here is my question. I would love to help out authors like myself (independently or self-published) who need reviews. Unfortunately, with everything I have going on, I just don’t think I can do them for free. How much should I charge? I don’t want to break anyone’s bank, but I want to make it worth the time that it takes me away from my cat, the two businesses, and my own writing.

Any thoughts, opinions, ideas?