Sci-fi Romance Novels on Kindle

My book Star Crossed: Worlds Apart is featured on this list. 😀

I don’t know how old it is but I just saw it on Twitter!

Check it out!




There are many of them. TV, Tumblr, hot celebrities…

I don’t mean to procrastinate. I actually want to write, but it’s difficult to do that with a house full of people.

Then when everyone’s asleep I’m usually too tired to get any real work done.

In the summertime I can just go to my room, turn the fan on high and write away. It’s different in the winter – there’s no heat running to my room.

How does everyone else deal with distractions?

Hard at work.

I’m working on edits and formatting. I’m waiting on edits to be done for Wages of Sin Book One, and also giving Book Two a once-over before I send it to the publisher as well. Book One comes out April 5th, so I want to give everyone some time to read the first book before releasing the second.

It can’t hurt to be a little ahead of the game though, right?