My new fan page!

If any of you are on Facebook, you can like my page here. 🙂


Working through it, literally.

So who else out there works when they’re feeling under the weather? I suppose it’s easier for people like me who are lucky enough to work from home.

It’s difficult to focus when I’m not feeling well, and of course, one really needs to focus when they’re revealing complicated plot twists in their latest book. It’s especially difficult when all I want to do is curl up in a ball.

I think the worst part is feeling inspired and that inspiration going to waste! Hopefully tomorrow will be better writing-wise.

I hope everyone is feeling better than I am, and getting through their work day with ease. 🙂

Choosing Book Covers!

Today I chose the book cover for Wages of Sin: Bad Blood. Now it’s off to the cover artist!

Choosing a cover makes it all real, and it’s very exciting to know that this particular story will be in print. It’s part of a series, and one that we’ve been working on for a few years now.

I’m sure it’ll be some time before I can reveal the cover, but I’m looking forward to it!


I have to have a muse in order to write. For me, it’s impossible to write if I don’t have a muse.

My muses are always actors and actresses. When I’m writing a story, I always choose faces for my characters before I begin.

For my first book that will be published this year (hopefully in the next few months), my muses were Winona Ryder and Rooney Mara. My writing partner’s muse for this book was Karl Urban. It’s a pretty interesting cast of people, right?

I’m focusing on doing promos for this book first, since it’s likely to be published before my second project.

Stay tuned for more news of Wages of Sin: Bad Blood!

Planning promos…

It’s a lot of work…and it’s time consuming! When I have the release dates for both books, I’m going to create events on Facebook, reach out to blogs, and create a few things for Tumblr.

Do any fellow indies have advice for me? I’ve promoted before, but I’m definitely open to suggestions and ideas.

Time to edit!

Yes, I’m editing the two manuscripts that were accepted for publication. Hopefully I will have release dates for both very soon, that way I can start planning promotions and things.

I really hope these ebooks make enough in the first two weeks to warrant print copies. I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer print. Plus, it’s nice to have a print version of your hard work in your possession. Who agrees with me?